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Commercial photography pricing:

The final cost of the project will depend on many factors. I normally charge a day rate (see below) + travel expenses. However, larger shoots might incur pre-production, production, and post production costs as well. For this reason I prefer to quote on a case by case basis. Do feel free to get in touch for your personalised quote.


Half day rate: £500 inc VAT


Full day rate: £1000 inc VAT


What costs are involved at each stage of the project will depend on the size and scope of the project. For some shoots I only charge my day rate + travel expenses, but other shoots will incur production costs, like for example: 


  • Location or studio hire

  • Permits

  • Travel, subsistence, and accommodation expenses

  • Models’ fees

  • Set building

  • Hair & Make-up

  • Talent casting

  • Costumes and props

  • Equipment hire

  • Location scouting

  • Shoot preparation and planning

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