You should think of a business headshot not just as a photo, but as your first meeting with somebody new. That somebody could be a potential customer or a new colleague. Even though I do not believe that you can capture the whole of somebody's personality in one shot, we do all have a go to facial expression that we use when we are meeting somebody new. Way too often I come across profile photos where the person looks uncomfortable and unapproachable, even though in real life they are very friendly and easy going. For that reason I have developed my own set of tips and techniques to help you relax in front of the camera and bring out a genuine facial expression, that will help you connect with people. I will also select a lighting set up that will help us bring attention to your strong points/features, while at the same creating the right mood. I offer my headshot sessions at my studio, outdoors, or a mix of both. I also offer group and on site sessions.