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Video production

I cover all aspects of video produciton and I create engaging video content to help you get your message across. My videography services are available in London, Cambridge, and UK wide.

Commercial & Advertising Photography

Commercial photos that show your business at its best.


David Tramontan - Commercial & Advertising Photographer

Hello, I am David, a portrait photographer, specialising in commercail & advertising photography. Rather than working in a studio I travel to my business and corporate clients and I offer my services on site in Cambridge, London, and across the UK. For me it is not just about creating photos that are high quality and look good, but it also about creating photos that will help you connect with the right customers.

Commercial and advertising photography will help you grow your business

There is so much more that goes into a photograph than just clicking a button, being that an actor headshot or a full personal branding portfolio. When I create photographs my first question is always “what are we trying to communicate with these photos?”. A great photo is a mix of lighting, body language, facial expression, and much more. For the photo to work, all those elements have to work together. Photography is a visual world, and often small details can make a huge difference. With the photos I create I always aim to tell the story of you or your business in the best possible way. Photographs are a bit like words, it is not just about what you say, but it is also about how you say it. You might have the world’s most important message, but if you do not communicate it effectively, people will not listen. Likewise you might be the world’s best entrepreneur, but if you do not communicate it effectively, people won’t believe you, and when it comes to images, it is the photo that does the talking.

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