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On top of being a very passionate passionate personal branding photographer I also have a BA in Business Studies with Marketing, and and an MA in Commerce and Economic development. Being self-employed myself I really understand the importance of personal branding photography in shaping the image of your business and/or personal brand. In my work I do not just take photos but I put together my marketing knowledge with my photographic skills to help you create images that will work for you and deliver the right message.


Photos are an incredibly powerful tool to tell a story visually, and they can conveys feelings and emotions in a way that words can't. Don't take me wrong you will still need words as well but the mix of words and imagery will help you communicate in a much more effective way. Through personal brand photography you can take control of how your personal brand and/or company is perceived by creating a well crafted set of personal branding images, that communicate who you are and what you stand for.



In an incredibly crowded and highly competitive world it can at times be difficult to stand out from the crowd. Very often a photo is the first thing people see before they decide to even click on your website or social media page, and once on it they will likely scan your images quickly before deciding whether to invest any time in reading your written content. For that reason it is important to have personal branding photos that can quickly communicate who you are, and what you do. 



Very often the best way of standing out of the crowd is by just being yourself. There are only so many lighting set ups and backgrounds out there, but what will make the photo really unique is you. There is so much that can be communicated through facial expression  and body language alone. My sessions are designed to create an environment in which you feel comfortable and where you feel like you can be yourself. This will allow us to create branding photos where your personality can shine, which will in turn help your photos stand out.



Whenever I am looking to hire a professional, I inevitably find myself looking at their profile photo trying to figure out what they are like, and whether I would like to work with them before making the final decision.That is because your skills and expertise do not say anything about who you are as a person, and people want to know that they can work with you. To me, personal branding photography is about truthfulness and honesty, it is about communicating who you are as a person, and what your values are, in order to connect with the right people.



With personal branding photography it is all about communicating visually. It is a mix of facial expression, body language, what you are wearing, as well as the environment and objects around you. In order to tell somebody's story I use all the tools I have at my disposition to paint the picture. I will guide you and advise you throughout the process in order to create photo that really deliver in communicating who you are, and what you stand for.


"As a new health care practitioner just starting out to develop my own private practice I needed to build my portfolio by first putting together a professional website. I knew making a good first impression is vital and one of the most essential way to do this was through the images I wanted to portray my work and my values. This is where David came in.
As someone just starting out I felt very lucky to have come across David’s photography service as I randomly googled for photographers based in London. I felt lucky because not only is he a skilful photographer, his approach put me at ease, he was flexible so I never felt pressured, and generous with his time so that we were able to do a variety of shots that would be of great use for me now and for years to come.
From the initial contact to the final stage of editing the photos David was flawless in his availability to listen and communicate with my questions, concerns, and input. His pricing is right on but the sum value from the process to the end product was invaluable. I highly recommend him!"

Personal Branding Portfolio

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