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My name is David, and I am a commercial & advertising photographer photogrpaher. Do keep on reading, if you would like to find out a bit more about my story and how I got into photography.

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My Story

Like many young people when the time came to decided what subject to study at university, I was not really sure what I was interested in, but a business degree felt like a pretty solid choice, and that was soon followed by a masters in economics.


However, it was halfway through my masters, and four years on from my first degree, that a bit more life, as well as work experience, helped me to realise that the jobs I would be qualified for did not interest me, and that I was after something different. I just did not know what.


That is when I came across a recruitment advert from the London Metropolitan Police, and about six months after finishing my masters I was starting police training.


Eager as I was to make a difference, and proud to have become part of such an old institution, I also quickly realised that it was  far from the right fit for me, and once again I had that sinking feeling of having made a wrong turn.


That was the biggest turning point in my life as for the first time I was at a stand still and with no direction as to where to go next.


However, I also had something that I had not had in a long time. Time to think.


It is during a walk through Epping Forest, north of London, that I found myself staring at a beautiful landscape, and after taking a snapshot with my iPhone, I looked at the picture and wished I had a decent camera with me to do justice to that beautiful landscape.


That very same day I decided to buy what I consider to be my very first camera, a Nikon Coolpix. I loved taking photos so much that it was not long after that that I bough my first entry level Nikon DSLR, which was soon followed by my first professional camera.


Since then my kit just kept growing and with it my passion for photography. I kept buying books and self-educating myself on the subject.


About a year into my photographic journey people who looked at my photos started assuming that that was my job, and family members were hinting that maybe it could be more than a hobby.


That is when I realised that I could make a living by doing what I love.


My business is now growing, and hopefully one day I will gain enough recognition as a photographer to be able to support causes I believe in, and help other people, but for the time  being I just count myself lucky, and as long as I can make a living by doing what I love, I will be happy.


I finally feel like I have a direction in life again, and in hindsight I always knew I would want to start my own business one day, but I guess it took me a few wrong turns to realise what the right path for me was.


I look forward to hearing form you.


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