I offer headshot and portrait sessions at my studio, outdoors, or a mix of both. I also offer group and on locations options. After the shoot I will upload your photos to you own private online viewing gallery from which you can pick your favourite photos. Once you have selected your favourite photos I will edit them, retouch them, and upload them to the gallery as soon as they are ready, for you to to download.

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In Studio

My studio is located at 31 Centenary Heights, Larkwood Avenue, SE10 8GE

5 min walking distance from Elverson Road DLR station


Groups & On Site

I have a portable studio with professional lighting that can be quickly set up on location. Get in touch for a quote.


What makes a great headshot?

A great headshot is a mix of good lighting, posture adjustements, and creating the right mood. When shooting outdoors I prefer to shoot in open shade, near a big flat surface, like a white wall, or a light coloured pavement. These surfaces will bounce direct sunlight back on you, creating soft and flattering light. If the day is overcast, not a problem, clouds act as a natural light diffuser and create nice soft light, which is ideal for headshots. When shooting in studio, I like to work with one main light (softbox), and one large reflector. I will pick a lighting style that both flatters you, and fits the mood of the shoot. As far as posture is concerned I am not a big fan of go to poses, and I prefer to make small adjutments that will flatter your features, and fit the mood of the shoot. Last but not least, we want to get a facial expression that looks geniuine, and reflects who you are. I know how difficult it can be to be stading in front of the camera, and through reading and practical experience I have now long list of techniques I use to help you relax and get the best out of the shoot.

What should I wear for the shoot?

I always advise customers to wear something they feel comfortable in. If you are not comfortable in the clothes you are wearing, independently of how great they look, it is likely that you will look uncomfortable in the photo. You want to feel great during the shoot and you want to feel confident. It is also important to pick colours that suit your complexion, and clothes that fit you well, and flatter your features. Personally, I am a big believer that simplicity goes a long way, and a simple, tasteful outfit, always works. If you are not sure what to whear and would like to have a chat, feel free to book a free consultation with me through my Contact page.

What if the weather is bad?

Overcast days are not a problem, and the light is actually quite flattering during an overcast day. However, should it be raining, or should the weather be too windy, we can either do the shoot at my home studio, or reschedule for another day.

How are the photos edited?

I use Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop, which are the industry standard for photo editing. I will remove spots and minor skin blemishes, while at the same time making sure that the photo looks natural. The best edited photos are the ones that do not look edited, and that is always what I am aiming for.

How will I pick my favourite photos?

I will send you a link to a password protected gallery where you can selct your favourite photos. If you have booked a shoot at my home studio, and I do not have a client after you, I would also be happy to sit down with you right after the shoot and pick your favouirite photos.

How long will it take to receive my images?

You will recive a link to your online private gallery on the same day. Once you have picked your favourite photos, I will edit them, retouch them, and deliver them to you within 24 hours. However, should you need it, I can also offer on site and next day delivery.